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CryptoKiss EMBRACE #103

CryptoKiss EMBRACE #103
HYBRIDS CryptoKiss Collection

THIS IS JUST A PREVIEW to see this NFT in all its glory go to OpenSea

This HYBRIDS CryptoKiss Collection from KRYPTOKIMI aka KIM OKURA contains NFT artworks whose common base is Okuras the true real life artwork LOVING KINDNESS (oil, acrylic, metta letters and a lot of material on canvas on stretcher frame). The first piece of art from the EMBRACE series. Do you feel the sacredness?

This art pieces here are so called HYBRIDS because they are combining a photographic detail cropping of the real life original and are spiced up with some intense and powerful KISS AI motion elements which harmonize well in the main intention of the canvas image.

For collectors only: after you purchase a HYBRID Crypto Kiss art piece (via, a MP4 video file version of it is waiting for you there in the unlockable content area.


With the HYBRIDS CryptoKiss Collection I want honor this LOVING KINDNESS …EMBRACE series … text in progress