WABI-SABI (REBORN OBJECT) 2017 acrylic on powder coated steel, matt lacquer 45 x 22 cm
ARTIST NOTE: Sometimes you just need to let it flow, use the things which surrounds you, be pleased and let your inner do the rest. Not everything needs a deeper sense. If you enjoy it, its a greater value than everything else // a KOKVIE reborn object (Skulpturale Zufallsbekanntschaft) used the greenhouse socker bottom panel from the ‚In Medias Res‘ reborn object for this // EXHIBITED: — CATALOGUE RAISONNÉ: ATV82
KOKVIE reborn Wabi-Sabi
Kim Okura Wabi-Sabi
detail, Wabi-Sabi
Wabi-Sabi 2017 Detail
detail Wabi-Sabi 2  
Detail Wabi-Sabi
atelier view, Wabi-Sabi
Wabi-Sabi Reborn Object 2017
Reborn Object 2017