KIM OKURA - The Flower Meditation (Roses Are White) Flower Cut 4 selected picture
KIM OKURA “The Flower Meditation (Roses Are White)” 2023 frame IMG, video performance at Wiedner Werkstätte, Vienna

Kim Okura (born January 31, 1973 in Klagenfurt) is an Austrian painter, graphic artist, sculptor and object artist. Okura’s artistic position is revealed in her extensive and multi-layered oeuvre, which works through a wide variety of approaches and forms and makes the radical claim to pulsate through the individual staging of individual works or work cycles, instead of submitting linearly and submissively to a contemporary decree.

Her artistic oeuvre includes drawings, paintings, graphics, works on canvas and paper, objects, sculptures, conceptual art, installations, texts, poetry, video and IRL performances.

My entire body of work, all my creations, are essentially nothing but portals. All cycles with their sub-cycles, all series of works, print series, sculptures, objects, all research results, everything that I have ever created and will create… all portals.

The meta theme for Okura’s work arose from the question: Can our world survive (abbreviated as “COWS”), and what are the sources that motivate us in life? What are the spirits that give us vitality? Answers to these repeatedly posed questions, or as Kim Okura calls them, the “research results on the meta theme COWS,” are implemented in various ways through diverse sub-cycles by Okura.

I investigate the question, “Can our world survive?” The answers or research results on this topic, which are the “spirits of life and their sources,” I produce through painting, printing, drawing, and any means that strengthen the spirits of life (actual and/or conceptual power places/spaces).

Okura acts as a producer who creates portals using multiple forms of expression. These gateways to other worlds, or rather to the worlds of the respective viewer, pursue the sole purpose of awakening their spirits, to energize and to lift wings.

I see myself as a producer of Joytrophy portals, mental rest rooms, intimate power spots, meditation objects. Condos for your soul.

Kim Okura with fresh prited Hosta siboldiana Vario Monotypien Unikat Originaldruckgrafiken
KIM OKURA in her studio “Wiedner Werkstätte” in Vienna with fresh printed SCHWARZBLAUBLATTFUNKIEPORTAL Black Hosta sieboldiana Portals – Vario Monotypien (Unikat Originaldruckgrafiken) for the HERBARIVM collection, oil on Hahnemühle, 20211
Kim Okura with faux fur hat and brushes at her studio Wiedner Werkstaette 2018 Vienna, Austria
Kim Okura with faux fur hat and brushes at her studio Wiedner Werkstaette 2018 Vienna, Austria