Baby Elephant on a wooden base - Kim Okura

Austrian Baby Elephant 1:10 on a wooden base, in honor of Mars2020

Mars2020 miracle – This 1:10 scale baby elephant (Österreichischer Babyelefant, 2 Meter) finally saw the light of day on February 18th 2021.

As a reminder of this fateful day (18.2.2021 #mars2020 ) and inspired by Space geologist John Roma Skok’s ( #madeofmars) quote: ” We will start by building things that you can use today from the minerals that we know are on Mars. Volcanoes, clays, iron and ice make up most of Mars and with the right innovation, we can transform those materials into the things we need to survive and thrive beyond Earth.”

May I introduce you to “Baby Elefant” model scale approx 1:10 – finally – built from all the important things #madeofearth that are currently more important than ever.

– Toilettpaper rolls (no na ne)
– Alufolie (very important)
– geduldiges Papier (selbsterklärend)
– Malerband (kann man nachjustieren, kann nie schaden)
– Draht (zum verbiegen)
– Gaffa (weil Zusammenhalt ist more important than ever)
– Schaumabdeckhauben (alles wird verwurstet, alles!)
– Edelstahlschwamm (reuse reduce recycle)

sealed (signet (SFO) with the red thread), signed and dated

on a “Wiedner Werkstätte” wooden base

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