GREEN CARDUUS CIRSIUM PORTALS „Distel For Sure Portale“ (The plant with deep purple flowers, you know ◯ ) Vario Monotypien – Unikat Originaldruckgrafiken 2022, Black Linol, oilbase pen, colored pencil and ink on Hahnemühle A2, handprinted by the artist at studio Wiedner Werkstätte, Printsession 22-2, AUFLAGE 33 Blatt, sheets 59.4 x 42 cm plate 35.6 x 30,5 cm, Plant Source / Location: 17.7.17 h ✂ cuttings from mother thistle in front of Hubert Nussbaumer’s, antique shop ERFREULICHES Margaretenstraße / Straußengasse ____ dito family Asteraceae ____ „Per aspera ad astra – anticipation “ – All unique art prints come with hand drawn Okuraeen stamps (signatur, date, catalogue number) and verso Kolophon. (A2, Linol)

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